Growing in Faith Together

Growing Our Faith Together

Catholic schools are distinct in character and are places where our faith, culture, and daily life all come together.  Even more so at St. Anne Line Catholic Junior School where our incredibly diverse school family share the Church’s evangelising Mission to share the love of Jesus with everyone.

Christ at the centre of all that we do is evident in every aspect and dimension of school life.  At St. Anne Line Catholic Junior School, we are committed to the formation of the whole person; a formation that encompasses the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, moral, aesthetic, and religious capacity of each child that enters our doors.

Our teachers, along with parents, governors, and parish, work together to embody our school’s mission through the uniqueness of Our St. Anne Line Catholic Junior School Family to ensure the formation of a distinct learning and loving faith community.

How we Grow Our Faith Together at St. Anne Line Catholic Junior School

Living Out Our Mission

Each day we unite through prayer and through our school’s Mission Statement:

Our Mission Statement is lived out each day by all members of our school family; it demonstrates how we keep Christ at the centre of all that we do and is the first thing you see when you come to the school.

Faith Disciples

Our twelve Faith Disciples work together to share their faiths with others and to focus on how we can continue to grow in faith together, as well as leading faith events in school and church.

Charity Work

As part of our school mission, we encourage our school to help our brothers and sisters around the world.  We have fundraised for world-wide causes such as UNICIF campaigns in Ukraine and Syria raising over £3000, national charities such as Children in Need, Cancer Research Football Shirt Friday, and The Royal British Legion (selling our pupils’ beautiful ‘Poppy’ Art), as well local causes, donating food and items for our town’s food Bank, and raising money through holding Year 6 Charity Enterprise Days.

St. Anne Line Junior School Family

We are an incredibly strong family at St. Anne Line Catholic Junior School where we celebrate our families and their heritage.  Our favourite events include our famous SAL BIG Breakfasts, Mother Figure and Father Figure Days, Book Look afternoons, Family picnics, and not forgetting our annual World Food Day.  These events are extraordinary and loved by our pupils, staff, governors, and parents.  Our parents are the backbone of our beloved school and without their love and support we would not be able to flourish in the way that we do, providing a school full of love, dedication, and inspiring education, and most importantly keeping our faith and Christ Jesus at the heart of everything we do and aspire for our pupils.

Eucharistic Community

The entire community of St. Anne Line Catholic Junior School gathers for Masses, held at Holy Trinity Church, to mark significant occasions throughout the school year. These include the start of the school year, Holy Days of Obligation, our school Feast Day, the Going Forth Mass for First Holy Communicants, and the special Leavers’ Mass for Year 6 pupils on their final day at our school. We always strive to involve our parents and local parishioners in these special Masses, and their presence adds to the atmosphere of reverence and beauty, particularly through the heartfelt singing of our pupils.

We have created a partnership with the Chaplaincy of a local Catholic Secondary School.  Together we work to provide opportunities to deepen the faith of our pupils through Spiritual retreat days.

Moreover, our Chamber Choir from St. Anne Line Catholic Junior School has had the privilege of being invited to perform at the Parish of The Most Holy Redeemer in a neighbouring town. This opportunity allows us to expand the St. Anne Line Catholic Junior School family beyond our immediate community and share our talents and spirit with others in neighbouring parishes, making these connections even more special.

Disciples of Christ

At St. Anne Line Catholic Junior School, we nurture our pupils to become compassionate and responsible citizens through their faith and commitment to being Disciples of Christ. They actively contribute to social causes by organising fundraising events, such as collecting food donations during the Harvest Festival. Moreover, they generously share their talents with the wider community. Our esteemed School Chamber Choir, renowned for their exquisite renditions of Christmas Carols – including singing in Latin – is regularly invited to perform at various events. Their performances not only bring joy, but also contribute to fundraising efforts for local institutions such as the library and St. Luke’s Hospice. Additionally, the Chamber Choir has had the honour of being special guests at a local Probus Club, further showcasing the remarkable talents of our pupils and strengthening community bonds.

Our dedicated team of Anti-bullying Ambassadors takes proactive measures to cultivate a nurturing and secure playground atmosphere, ensuring that every child feels included and supported. Through their vigilant efforts, they strive to foster a culture where every pupil has the opportunity to engage in joyful play and meaningful conversations with a trusted friend.

Annually, as an extension of our RSE ‘Journey in Love’ curriculum, we joyously commemorate our individuality and diversity through our vibrant Rainbow Day festivities. It serves as a poignant reminder to our pupils that regardless of their unique characteristics, they are cherished and valued by a loving and inclusive God. Through this celebration, we instil in our pupils a deep appreciation for the beauty of diversity and the unifying power of love.

Staff and pupils collaborate closely with our school’s neighbouring residents to ensure a safer journey for our pupils to and from school. Despite encountering challenges such as parking issues, we remain committed to finding constructive solutions by actively listening to and collaborating with residents, rather than adopting an adversarial approach. This cooperative effort underscores our dedication to fostering and cherishing positive relationships within our community while prioritising the safety and well-being of our pupils.

We conscientiously acknowledge significant occasions that serve as poignant reminders of the values we uphold as Disciples of Christ. One such instance is Stephen Lawrence Day, where our pupils reflect upon the detrimental effects of prejudice and discrimination. Through thoughtful observation and meaningful discussions, we strive to instil in our pupils the importance of embracing diversity, fostering empathy, and standing up against injustice, thereby embodying the teachings of Christ in their daily lives.

Nominated candidates are bestowed with the prestigious Catholic Citizenship Award, a distinguished accolade presented by Bishop. This esteemed honour stands as a beacon of recognition, illuminating the profound impact individuals have on the lives of others within their community. Whether through selfless caregiving, steadfast dedication to charitable endeavours, or exemplary advocacy and mentorship, the pupils receiving the award exemplify the highest ideals of Christian service and leadership, enriching the fabric of society through their noble actions.

Encountering World Faiths

At St. Anne Line Catholic Junior School, we not only integrate the celebration of other faith communities into our Religious Education curriculum, but also embrace diversity as an integral part of our vibrant school community. Our twelve St. Anne Line Catholic Junior School Faith Disciples represent a beautiful tapestry of beliefs, comprising of pupils from Catholic, other Christian denominations, and various world faiths. This diversity mirrors the rich cultural heritage of our school and its pupils.

We provide opportunities for our pupils to explore and engage with different world religions, fostering a deep respect and understanding for the uniqueness of each individual. Through these experiences, we aim to instil in our pupils the profound belief that every person is inherently connected as brothers and sisters in humanity.

Spreading a Little Kindness