On Monday 12 November 2018 I caught the 9.38 am train from Basildon Railway Station, on my way to London for a day out with my wife. In the same compartment I noticed a group of seven school children who were accompanied by a member of staff. I was extremely impressed with the behaviour of the children who were sat in a ‘quiet area’ of the train, and although quietly talking with each other from time to time, the volume was at a more than acceptable level for where they were sat and did not interfere with a member of the public who was sat in the same area, reading his morning newspaper.

It was really nice to see a group of young children behaving so well whilst out in public. The group exited the train at Barking, and as they did I commented to your member of staff about how well the children had behaved and how they were a credit to their school. I asked her what school she and the children were from, and she replied ‘St Anne Line.’ That made the moment even nicer, because as a young boy I attended ‘Blessed Anne Line,’ I was one of the pupils who walked through the doors on the very first day the school opened.

Children quite often receive a bad press, sometimes deserved but on most occasions it is nothing more than an incorrect perception. So well done to those seven young children, who were a credit to themselves and their school. It ensured that my day out in London with my wife, started off on a good note.

Kind regards
Stephen Wynn