Welcome to St Anne Line
Catholic Junior School

With Jesus, through the St Anne Line Way,
We Love, We Learn, We Share, We Pray.
Together, we grow Our School each day

At St Anne Line it is our aim to create an atmosphere in which every child is secure enough to develop their potential on the moral, spiritual, academic and social aspects of their life journey, using Christ's example as a torch to shine the way. We want our school to be a true community, working together for the good of each member of God's family and reaching out into the wider world.


“What I like about St. Anne Line Catholic Junior School are the clubs that they offer to pupils, thus the talents of the pupils are enhanced. My child’s teachers are all amazing and friendly.”

“We love the school; the teachers and staff are so friendly and nice.”

“We love being here at St. Anne Line Juniors! My son enjoys school everyday and loves all the teachers and fun events. We feel very lucky to be a part of this wonderful school community :)”

“I have two children now in the Junior School and I am happy with the way the school communicates with parents, and my children are also very happy, they get the support they need.”

“As always, lovely atmosphere with great children. Staff full of smiles as always.”

“St. Anne Line Catholic Junior School has all the attributes that a school needs. Miss Watson is an amazing Head Teacher and instils all the things children need in a school environment. I can’t praise the school enough. Thank you for teaching my grandchildren.”

“The wide variety and extensive tools in the curriculum are impressive.  The social activities – Mother Figure Day, Father Figure Day, International Food Day, and other activities sets this school apart.  It provides a holistic curriculum for children and parents.”

“Moving to a new country and my children starting off with her new junior school was together, honestly as parents we couldn’t have asked for a better place where discipline, punctuality, teaching, and other extra-curriculum activities are all combined and taught so beautifully together. A big thank you for loving and caring our child just like your own. God bless.”

School starts – 8.30 am
Breaktime - 10:15-10:30 am
Lunchtime - 12:30-1:20 pm
School finishes – 3.05 pm

St. Anne Line Catholic Junior School singing out for Peace and Harmony for the World

Nathalie Watson

If you require any assistance please contact our team in the school office between the hours
of 9am - 3pm

Mrs Burkett
Mrs Hodnett
Mrs Stanley

Phone: 01268 470444
Email: admin@st-anneline-jun.essex.sch.uk