Special Educational Needs

We want all children to receive the best possible education so that they can develop to their full potential, bearing in mind their individual needs and abilities. We want all children to develop their strengths and overcome their weaknesses.

In accordance with this principle, we recognise that all children are different and we endeavour to welcome all children to the school, whatever their special needs. We will use all resources available to the school in order to meet those needs and will attempt to make full use of externally provided facilities where appropriate.

Special educational needs might mean:

  • children with learning needs across the curriculum;
  • children with learning needs associated with language delay;
  • children with specific learning difficulties;
  • children with physical or sensory needs;
  • children with behavioural or emotional needs;
  • children who are able and talented

or a combination of these needs.

The school has a set procedure for identifying and assessing the special needs of individual children which involves at various stages, teaching staff, parents, external agencies and of course the children themselves.

Further Information